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The outstanding characteristics of the traditional model HARMONIE KLASSIK have been developed further using our innovative strength and resulted in the creation of HARMONIE NEU - an extraordinary flexible classic tile offering special advantages: The increased covering clearance of up to 25 mm, on the one hand, the overlapping head interlocking excluding the accumulation of dirt and on the other hand, a sliding clearance that fascinates with a beautiful jointless covering design are setting milestones. Taking its size into consideration, this tile actually represents the most flexible, small format interlocking pantile of its kind – and precisely these features distinguish it as a true allrounder for any roof. Whether inclined, sloped, curved, short or long – it is the ideal choice, if you're looking for low unit weight, easy handling and high cost-effectiveness coupled with classy and inspiring visual appearance.


  • The most flexible, small format interlocking pantile of its kind
  • Large sliding clearance of 25 mm
  • Perfectly executed, optimized covering design
  • Fourfold overlapping protecting against rain intrusion

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