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BALANCE opens a completely new era in roof design as far as cost-effectiveness and design are concerned. The top quality and the well-balanced proportions particularly suitable for large roof surfaces and at the same time for small roofs as well, allow for the cost-effective laying, highest safety as a result of the sophisticated interlocking technology and thus for a lasting value. BALANCE is a true success story.

With a tile requirement of approx. 8.4 tiles/m², CREATON offers a tile proving not only exemplary qualities and sensational beauty, but a tile that also sets new standards with regard to cost-effectiveness. In addition, the tile convinces as a result of its large sliding clearance of 26 mm, its improved statics owing to pronunced support ribs and its stable suspension lugs.


  • Favourable cost/performance ratio owing to XXL-format
  • Pronounced interlocking with large coverage clearance
  • Laying advantages owing to three stable suspension lugs

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